Standard wood nock 11/32

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Standard wood nock 11/32, glue-on for wood shafts.

The standard wood Tipping Point nock was developed as a result of the need to have a nock that can be easily installed and that avoids having to carve the shaft to insert the bowstring, thus avoiding the possibility of it being seriously damaged. This is how our nocks with a conical hole were born to perfectly fit the shaft and an incision for inserting the bowstring.

The end side of the nock is prepared to improve the line of the nock.

The shafts must first be correctly prepared with the conical end using the special Tipping Point sharpener, which creates the right inclination for insertion into the nocks.

The nocks are made of hornbeam wood, which is known for its high resistance and its typical whitish colour, and subsequently treated on the surface with a tumbling process to eliminate the imperfections created during the production phases.

We are certain of the reliability and durability of our product, as well as, our impeccable attention to detail.

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