Aluminium Pin for VAP shaft

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Compatible Shafts

VAP 500 , VAP 600 , VAP 700 , VAP 800 , VAP 900


Aluminium Pin for VAP shaft.

This Pin is designed to be installed on Victory Vap rods, having a 4.23 mm stem diameter allowing it to be installed without using glue but by inserting it applying pressure.

This way, we are sure that the Pin will always remain stable and straight, avoiding that the glue can give in and let it move. In fact, the Pin is the component that supports all the thrust applied when the arrow strikes therefore it should be as stable as possible.

To improve the adhesion of the glue, if you want to add some, the Pin has a crossed knurling on the specially designed stem.

The collar has a base diameter of 5.40 mm to be slightly inside the shaft (spine 500-900) and not to affect the shooting. While, at the end side, the 4.5 mm diameter  provides a suitable base for the nock.

The tang of the Pin has a diameter of 3.25 mm which ensures the correct fixing for the nock, also it has the conical end to adhere perfectly to it.

All Pin Tipping Points are made of aerospace aluminium alloy which provideas very high quality in terms of hardness and compactness.

Product Specifications

Internal diameter (mm):
Collar diameter (mm):


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