Aluminium Insert -60 for threaded arrow points

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Compatible Shafts

Carbon Express
Maxima Red 250 , Maxima Red 350 , Maxima Blu Rz 150 , Maxima Blu Rz 250 , Maxima Blu Rz 350
Lightspeed 400 , Lightspeed 500
Gold Tip
Ultralight 300 , Ultralight 340 , Ultralight 400
VForce 400 , VForce 500 , VForce 600


The -60 break-off Tipping Point insert 5/16 was created to be installed on the most common -60 shafts such as Maxima Red Carbon Express, Maxima Blue Rz, Easton Lightspeed, Gold Tip Ultralight, and Victory V-Force. While the collar has a calibrated diameter to install threaded tips with a 5/16 diameter.
It has 8/32" UNC internal thread to insert all 5/16 points with thread (screw-in).
Thanks to the use of the system with insert installed on the shaft, there is the great advantage of being able to change the tip in a simple and rapid way so as to vary the weight and shape of the point according to your shooting needs.
Each insert has a 10 gn break-off. A knurling has been made on the stem to favour the correct distribution of the glue, guaranteeing excellent sealing.
On the support collar for the point, a reduction has been made which allows, in the case of use of points with OR, that they find the right position and so that the coupling between point and insert is perfect.
The inserts are made of aluminium to keep the weight low and have little effect on balancing the arrow.

Product Specifications

Internal diameter (mm):
Collar diameter (mm):


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