Burnished steel Bullet arrow point

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Burnished steel screw-on tip for wood shafts.
The innovation of Tipping Point for the making of this category of arrow points is in creating a system that guarantees the correct fixing of the point on the shaft. The special taper of the hole makes it possible for the tip to fit the shaft for the first millimeters and subsequently to be screwed without problems, thus avoiding the possibility that the point is not aligned with the shaft.
The shafts must first be correctly prepared with the conical end using the special Tipping Point sharpener, which creates the right inclination for insertion into the points.
The Bullet shape of the bullet point is designed to be robust and have excellent aerodynamics, and also allows for easy extraction from targets.

The tips are made of steel and subsequently treated on the surface with a burnishing process to give the typical burnished colour and protect them from oxidation.
Arrow points available in various sizes and weights.

Product Specifications

5/16 , 11/32
Weight (gn):
60 , 80 , 100 , 125
Surface finish:


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