Shuttle arrow Tip Threaded in nickel-plated steel with OR

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Nickel-plated steel screw-in arrow point with OR.
Made with 8/32 "UNC thread to be installed on a threaded insert so that the tip can be easily and quickly replaced, changing the weight and shape of the arrow point according to each shooting requirement.
The peculiarity of the Shuttle Tipping Point arrow points is the presence of an O Ring at the end of the internal part of the point, which has the function of avoiding the possible unscrewing of the tip from the insert. By combining the points equipped with OR and our inserts, you can be sure that the system works correctly with OR. This is because if the arrow point does not rest on the insert but on the O Ring, the latter will behave mechanically like a shock absorber resulting in damages on the insert thread caused by the impact of the point on the target butts.
The shape of the Shuttle bullet point is a compromise between the aggressiveness of a Field and the linearity of a Combo.
Maximum care is taken in the care of the thread to prevent it from ruining the thread of the insert and creating difficulties in screwing the tip.
The aluminium used for the construction of the Shuttle is a particular alloy used also in the aerospace sector thanks to its very high qualities in terms of hardness and compactness. Allowing at the same time to produce very light tips like this one.

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