Historic burnished steel Longobarda arrow point

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Historic burnished steel screw-on arrow point wood shafts.
The innovation of Tipping Point for the realization of this typology of tips is in creating a system that guarantees the correct fixing of the point on the shaft. The special taper of the hole allows the tip to fit the shaft for the first millimetres and subsequently to be screwed without problems, thus avoiding the possibility that the tip is not aligned with the shaft.
The shafts must first be correctly prepared with a conical end using the special Tipping Point sharpener, which creates the right inclination for insertion into the tips.
The shape of the Longobarda point is historic, recalling the points made of wrought iron. The typical cone shape used to be obtained starting from an iron sheet which was then shaped, thus creating the desired line, which gave more stability and precision to the arrow.
The tips are made of steel and subsequently treated on the surface with a burnishing process to give them the typical burnished colour and protect them from oxidation.

Product Specifications

5/16 , 11/32
Weight (gn):
70 , 90 , 100 , 85
Surface finish:


Friday, 31 May 2019

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